Author: sEaNERGIA Baltic Cluster

Circular economy is receiving increasing attention worldwide as a way to overcome the current production and consumption model based on continuous growth and increasing resource use. European Circular Construction Alliance invited innovative companies – members of associated in ECCA clusters, to specify products and/or services that they

deliver and which in their opinion offer the best opportunities for implementing solutions related to the circular economy and which they would like to base their internationalization strategy on. They were also asked to indicate European and non-European countries in which they would like to sell the previously mentioned products / services.

The target circular construction markets in Europe identified by the ECCA clusters’ members are: Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Slovakia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as states situated partly in Europe: Turkey and Russia.

The non-European target countries in which they would like to undertake internationalisation activities with regard to their products / services which is very important in the context of global economy shifts include: Asian countries (Japan, China, Republic of Korea, India), Latin America, the United States of America, Canada, the United Arab Emirates.

Stay tuned by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn and the ECCA website to get familiar with the database of the indicated innovative products and/or services which will be available soon in a form of a catalogue.

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