Prefabricated modules in timber frames – one of the most significant key results of BERTIM European project – has been installed on facades of selected residential building in La Charite-sur-Loire, France.  Installation has been performed to validate the integrated renovation approach in real settings.

The modules, experiencing advanced procedure of data gathering and renovation project defining, were transported from the facilities of POBI, one of project’s French consortium members. As the process of installation is completed, an assessment of the renovation operation will be carried out. The transport and installation procedure will be assessed, particularly the intrusiveness during the works and installation time. The quality standard of the solution, the applicability and replicability potential will be evaluated as well. POBI installed nine modules covering 165 m2 of two building’s facades.

BERTIM proposes a holistic building energy renovation approach encompassing prefabricated timber modules for building renovation supported by a digital tool named RenoBIM for a very efficient procedure from the data gathering, design, manufacturing, to the installation phase.

The timber solution provides the opportunity to renovate buildings improving energy performance and the RenoBIM tool, based in a digital data flow in BIM, enables reduction of renovation operation time and make more efficient the renovation process.

The prefabricated timber solutions provide the opportunity to renovate, improving building energy performance, air quality, aesthetics, comfort, and property value at the same time, while ensuring low intrusiveness during renovation works. The development is based on timber high energy performance prefabricated modules for energy rehabilitation to ensure important building primary energy consumption reduction through high insulation properties. They also integrate windows, insulation materials, collective HVAC systems, renewable energy systems and energy supply systems.

The test in French demonstrator was the first step to implement BERTIM modules in existing building. The next experiment is planned in Langshyttan (Sweden).

After almost four years of the fruitful international cooperation, project BERTIM will soon finalize its activities. The project’s Final Conference will be held as a part of one of the most important events for the wood and wood construction sector: Forum Bois Construction 2019, on 3rd – 5th of April, in Epinal/Nancy, France. BERTIM experts will present their articles on particular aspects of projects holistic solution. We also recommend to visit the BERTIM booth, where also the booklet containing all prepared articles on BERTIM findings will be available.


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