European Circular Construction Alliance - adopting Circular Economy for internationalization and global competitiveness of European SMEs in Building and Construction

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Circular Economy – a global challenge for construction industry conference, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The ECCA partnership official set-up is approaching fast, and the 1st ECCA conference, where ECCA project aims to promote EU solutions to this challenge. This event will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 11-12 January 2017. Please book the date in your calendar. We are expecting and looking forward to your contributions.

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Circular Economy

ECCA project is co-funded by the COSME programme of the European Union in the frame of "Clusters go International" call for the project proposals.

The main objective of the action is to intensify cluster and business network collaboration across borders and sectoral boundaries and to support the establishment of European Strategic Cluster Partnership to lead international cluster cooperation in fields of strategic interest – notably in support of the development of emerging industries.

The main objective of the ECCA project is to establish European Circular Construction Alliance (ECCA), an EU wide metacluster
as a long term European Strategic Cluster Partnership (ESCP) supporting clusters and business network
organizations, their SMEs and other cluster members collaborating for innovation, market-uptake, and marketing of
competitive products, services and technologies in the field of circular construction and support SMEs in global competition.


The European Commission has selected 24 “European Strategic Cluster Partnerships – Going International” as a result of the COSME call “Cluster Go International” (COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-03). One of them is ECCA project.

The European Strategic Cluster Partnerships – Going International (ESCPs-4i) were labelled by the European Commission, DG Growth and the Executive Agency for SMEs of the European Commission following the COSME call COS-CLUSTER-2014-3-03 – Cluster Go International and their activities started as ESCP-4i labelled partnerships at the beginning of 2016.

The ESCP-4i are transnational cluster partnerships that develop and implement a joint internationalisation strategy and support SME internationalisation towards third countries beyond Europe. They aim to develop common actions and an implementation roadmap as part of a long-term cooperation agenda.

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